“The amazing Michael Whelan’s illustration for the cover of Barbara Hambly’s novel Dragonsbane. ”



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Les Futuriales 2015 - offical poster by Gaétan WELTZER | Fantasy | 2D | CGSociety  http://designspartan.cgsociety.org/art/fantasy-photoshop-adventure-magician-dragon-concept-art-mountains-epic-les-futuriales-2015-offical-poster-2d-1271178

fictionart: “ Les Futuriales 2015 - offical poster by Gaétan WELTZER ”

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Цифровой живописец Ян Патрик Красный (Jan Patrik Krasny) (277 работ)

Old Fortress - Jan Patrik Krasny - sci-fi and fantasy book covers gallery

Dragón, de Todd Lockwood

meanwhilebackinthedungeon: “Re-post from Jan. 2012 — Todd Lockwood Not Quite the Prisoner of Zenda ”

The Faerie Realm : Photo

The white dragon and the lady in red, bargaining for the golden kingdom as the sun faded. - This is beautiful, but I MUST make all my dragons evil. Dragons should not be good they are fake and the devil takes form of them.