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DISLICORES - Pregnancy Is Hard Enough. Alcohol Makes It Harder

Pregnancy and Acohol Dislicores Liquor Trading Advertising Agency:Melborp Group, Bogota, Colombia

Smoking in pregnancy campaign - a couple of really hard hitting images on this link

Smoking in pregnancy campaign - a couple of really hard hitting images on this link


The 'No Alcohol in Pregnancy is the Safest Choice' campaign, first launched in June 2012 is the first WA. campaign to target alcohol use during pregnancy.

75 publicités designs et créatives d’août 2012 - #Olybop

Gitam BBDO has created this funny new campaign for Wrigley Orbit. ‘Don’t let lunch meet breakfast’.

Just saying, maybe you have one less beer this week and somebody else somewhere in the world gets water if you put the money there instead. Small changes are what change the world. Never doubt your role.

Good Advertising

Check out this satirical advertising campaign for the Charity Cordaid. The items are not for sale. The purpose of the advert is to highlight the difference between how consumers in the Western World look at material products. Oh the shame of it.

Opinel - lace project red  green illustration | summer fruit: watermelon . Sommer-Frucht: Wassermelone . fruit d'été: melon pastèque | Agency: Bleublancrouge | Art director: Cyril Drouot | Client: Opinel |

Client - Opinel knives Creative agency - BleuBlancrouge 3 prints campaign for canadian BleuBlancrouge creative agency and client Opinel. The main idea is that the Opinel knives are so sharp that could cut the food up to a lace structure.

Alcohol Makes it Harder

Dislicores Drink Responsibly Campaign by Melborp, Medellin, Colombia. Driving is hard enough. Alcohol makes it harder.

Snow White come-with-a-story-and-leave-with-another

Come with a Story

Advertising campaign for Colsubsidio Book Exchange, using negative space to depict a second story within the first. (Here: Snow White/Sherlock Holmes.) Produced by