Cats are definitely jerks…

Funny pictures about Under the covers. Oh, and cool pics about Under the covers. Also, Under the covers.


Funny pictures about Trying on bathing suits. Oh, and cool pics about Trying on bathing suits. Also, Trying on bathing suits.

I know who to buy this for

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Moments where it is completely appropriate to say "I hate my life"

Yes, life can be cruel sometimes

Life is hard.For those days you need a reminder that it could be worse. The wine bottle happened to me!

Funny Picdump

Funny pictures about Loading Afro. Oh, and cool pics about Loading Afro. Also, Loading Afro.

every time!

my room was clean but then I had to decide what to wear // everytime! I'll change room to closet

une citation "à la mumu" Je connais pas Mumu, mais déjà je l'aime bien!


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Or as my dad used to say, "I'm not always right, but I've never been wrong..." :)

I don't "agree" just to appease an argument. I need complete truth and balance, even if I am the one who is wrong. "I'd agree, but then we'd both be wrong.

Trying to get a teen to not be angry they need to take advanced math is hard.

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N'importe quoi....

Oh Ariel...

Ariel, why do you wear seashells? - Funny joke with prince asking Ariel why is she wearing those seashells: "Because B-shells are too small and D-shells are too big.

33 People Having A Worse Day Than You

33 People Having A Worse Day Than You

Mon nouveau régime ;-)

How to burn 800 calories in 30 minutes. There's nothing like hitting the gym.err kitchen to burn some calories!