En 10 secondes au téléphone, ça m'a confirmé que j'avais fait le bon choix de ne plus avoir de contact avec une c....... !                                                                                                                                                      Plus

En 10 secondes au téléphone, ça m'a confirmé que j'avais… VS

Vrai.  Ne te décourage jamais....

When lying takes the elevator, the truth takes the stairs, it takes more time but always ends up arriving.

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Errors are forgivable, but only if the one who committed them has the courage to admit them.

Best Friend Photo Ideas.

20 Fun and Creative Best Friend Photoshoot Ideas

What a cool best friends photo idea. I'm loving the black and white too, even though I like to have color in my photos for summer.

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Speed Dating - Je suis d'accord j'étais victime parmi les autres.

Turquoise liquide

drawning princess - woman underwater in a turquoise ball gown - Photo by Jvdas Berra, model by Valentina Lobeira

Laisser participer la mauvaise personne vous videra, ne laissant rien pour vous-mêmes.

I have no more energy for insignificant relations, forced friendships, or useless conversations.

Avontuur wordt opgezocht en reizen is voor iedereen toegankelijk.

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from my paw to your hand I will love u 4 ever.. and with this hand I will love U 4 ever... an so may your lives B blessed

Amazing images of wolves as they were seen by the couple who lived in a ten for SIX YEARS to better observe the wild animals

On the left the paw of a Gray wolf (Canis lupus), on the right the hand of Jim Dutcher, a large, grown up man. To give you an impression how big Gray wolves are. Another comparison here Picture by Jim and Jamie Dutcher