Ships of the ancient times

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Cold War Chinese Warships (1949-90)

For 41 years, the Chinese PLAN built gradually a sizeable coastal and green water defensive force, its shipyards gaining a considerable expertise over time

Чертежи испанской шебеки

Шебека - это трех мачтовое парусно-гребное судно с косыми парусами. Такие корабли строили в средиземноморье в средние века и использовали в военных целях (на них устанавливали до 24 пушек), в торговле и, учитывая быстроходность, эти суда облюбовали пираты и контрабандисты. Отличительной чертой

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Købmanden førte Norden ind i en ny tid

I løbet af 800-tallet ebbede vikingernes brutale plyndringer ud. I stedet skabte vikingekøbmænd lukrative handels-imperier, og nye storbyer knopskød over...



West Slavs in Archaeology

A place for historical and archaeological resources about the West Slavs (Słowianie Zachodni). Go to...

Viking Ships of Roskilde

The viking ships of Roskilde. Towards the close of the Viking Age the fairways of Roskilde Fjord were blocked by a series of barriers to protect the important trading town of Roskilde from attack by enemy fleets. The five viking ships in the Roskilde Viking Ship museum come from one of these blockages in the Peberrende channel at Skuldelev, 20 km north of Roskilde. Here, a total of five ships were sunk across the channel and boulders heaped up on top of them. In 1962 a coffer dam of sheet…

Ships of the High Seas

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LOS NORMANDOS , Ilustraciones de Angus McBRIDE.

Aunque los anglosajones crearon Inglaterra , muchos podrian argüir que los normandos al menos iniciaron la creación del Reino Unido de Ing...

Las dos grandes bases navales del Imperio Romano

Las dos grandes bases navales del Imperio Romano - Revista de Historia

Las dos grandes bases navales del Imperio Romano estaban en Miseno y Rávena. Las flotas del Imperio Romano se dividían en 2 flotas o "Classis" principales

Photos model of a Nef from Winchelsea, 13th century, details

Detail photos model of a Nef from Winchelsea, 13th century. Nefs are trade ships that were developed by English shipwrights and traders, based on the Viking knorr.