From the the well bottom of "Quinta da Regaleira" Sintra. Portugal

Bottom of Quinta da Regaleira - Sintra, Portugal-Inspiration for staircase leading up to the peak of the garden wall at Castle Darkwood

“Poios” is what agriculture fields are called in Madeira Island. They look like this because it’s easier for farmers to plant their crops due to the inclination of the mountains. You can still find some mostly in the north of the Island. Madeira Island , Portugal

A staircase of fields on a hillside, from National Geographic vintage scans, in Madeira Island, Portugal. - A staircase of fields on a hillside, from National.

Découvrez, en photos, les plus beaux lieux du Portugal - Palais, Châteaux, Monastères, Villages, Plages, Paysages... De quoi préparer votre itinéraire au Portugal ! | Portugal Paysage | Portugal Plage | Portugal voyage

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Portugal Pottery

Portugal Pottery - by far some of my favorite pottery in the world.and that's not because I'm Portuguese!

Monsaraz, Alentejo, Portugal

My mom was born in Alentejo and I have been going there to spend holidays ever since I was a baby. Alentejo is the area of Portugal north to Algarve. I’m sure many of you have heard of or been in Algarve, but maybe not …

Guimarães, Portugal

Page the amazing portuguese villages,towns and cities European Classic Architecture and Landscapes

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Que leve muitas saudades, quem esta casa deixar; para sentir a alegria de novamente voltar.When you leave this house, take with you many good memories filled with joy, so that you may soon return.

An island-hopper’s guide to the Azores, Portugal - via Lonely Planet 30.05.2013 | Whether you’re watching the sunrise creep up Pico’s perfect cone, tearing around a crater lake on a mountain bike or holding your breath as a whale surfaces from the deep blue, the Azores, with their rumbling mass of beauty, are surely one of Europe‘s last great island adventures. Photo: Azores - Sao Miguel island. CC BY 2.0

An island-hopper's guide to the Azores

An island-hopper’s guide to the Azores, Portugal - via Lonely Planet