cream Soap

Cold Process - Handmade Coconut cream Soap w/ Recipe Included recipe : 800 gr Olive Oil 150 gr Sheabutter 50 gr Castor Oil 225 gr Coconut Milk 122 gr lye Vitamin E


Savon de Marseille (the most excellent olive oil soap!) Don't be fooled by imitations. This is true Savon de Marseille, hand-crafted in Marseille, France

#Sculpture de savon

Hand Carved Soaps what a unique holiday or birthday gift. best seller at craft shows!


The mixture of pure olive and vegetable oils, alkaline ash from sea plants and Mediterranean seawater must be heated for ten days before being cut into cubes and stamped, and then set out to dry in the sun and wind.


The purest, most natural soap you will find. This olive oil soap is gentle enough for a newborn's tender skin. Soap made from very high percentages of

De jolies douceur du bain !  #sucette savon

De jolies douceur du bain ! #sucette savon