Everybody knows that cats dont like to get wet but this is taking things to a whole new level cat ninjacat funnycat

Viens avec moi. J'ai pas envie.

OK this one actually made me laugh out loud! I had a cat that did exactly this. Dogs vs Cats, some from the perspective of dog lovers, some from cat lovers, some neutral. Pics) NOTE: Unfortunate language choices on some pics within the pin.

Maintenant vous savais pour quoi les donts sont aussi bon. Mais c'est un peut dège. Mais sa me décourage pas à en manger quand même

How to decorate a donut…

how sprinkled donuts are really made. delicious, delicious unicorn pit hair <-- okaay then O.o xD

Kawaii dechu~

cafe nyan - LINE Creators' Stickers // Cute cat sticker of cats sitting in tea cups


I am not a huge fan of but I saw the penguins<<<this person doesn't understand.-<<<<you can't just pin it just for the penguins Hun.


(I wish my cats pooped magical rainbows, after eating the magical unicorn sparkle cake).

Les fruits et légumes aux formes bizarres sont tendance. Ils reviennent en force face à la dictature du calibrage obligatoire opéré dans les rayons de supermarchés. On les appelle aussi les gueules cassées car ils défient les normes en vigueur et grandissent comme ils veulent au gré des caprice...

Keep eating real foods. How do sweeter berries like this taste after the Program? – I Quit Sugar

This is so disgusting--I would probably look just like that cat.

Look at the cat

Idk why I laughed so hard on this one! my cat does this same face.

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Pusheens bio I thought Pusheen was a male well anyway Pusheen Hello Kitty would make good friends only HK is no where near as lazy as Pusheen but they both want to make friends so they would be great! pusheen is my fav cat btw hes so KAWAII♥