Cherche et trouve les lettres de l' ALPHABET. Coloriage

Great class activity or game when you have time to spare at end of class.or want to practice vocabulary! Project on the big screen and give them flyswatters, spoons, or use their hands to slap correct image. Can divide into teams and keep score!

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Mazes can be used to teach the computational thinking skill, efficiency. It makes students think about the different outcomes a maze can have.

Little Red Riding Hood Finger Puppets - Easy Peasy and Fun

Little Red Riding Hood Finger Puppets

Seriously, how adorable are these Little Red Riding Hood finger puppets? Great for story-telling or to keep your little one busy on road trips. Visit Easy Peasy and Fun to grab these freebies (available in adult and kid sizes).

Five Cheeky Monkeys (and a Crocodile!) Free printable puppets from @katepickle

Printable Puppets - Five Cheeky Monkeys... and a Crocodile

Five Cheeky Monkeys (and a Crocodile!) (Use these to sing 5 little monkeys song) Free printable puppets from