PLEASE! And mean people. By rewarding all this bad behavior, we are putting up horrible examples for our children. Every "reality" show teaches that you win by being dishonest, backstabbing, etc. Just STOP IT.

Stop making stupid people famous. Better yet, Stop making stupid people govt employees (ya know . president, congress, senate etc)

Soir de Paris 1953

Vintage French advertising art poster for purfume in Paris, France, circa You can be sure she is wearing 'Soir de Paris' by Bourjois Parfums for this special occasion!

Inglorious Fruits Vegetables

I like these little posters about ugly fruits.These are classed as ugly fruits as they are food that can not be sold as they are not up to the requirements of other foods inside a supermarket. They are still edible they just look different.

Top 20 des panneaux de signalisation rigolos et insolites

Top 20 des panneaux de signalisation rigolos et insolites

Not a topical post for a few months i know. A literal "poisson d'Avril" pranking a fishing sign. Poisson d'Avril is just as it literally translates - April Fish - French version of April Fools' Day. Some rules at offleash dog parks at above link Paws for the News

I can see why this drinking, smoking.skateboarding dog is banned from the park ? HD: Of course he's banned! He's smoking!