Andres calderon behance portfolio review

views Colombia - Visual identity : Photography, set design and visual concept:Andres CalderonApril - May 2015

Hit students rethink pencil

HIT student evgeny barkov took inspiration from prehistoric carving tools to create these wood and polymer color pencils for writing and carving

Roller Pencil, Rethink Pencil

the roller pencils by student Noy Meiri were specifically designed to be used in the fashion pattern making

Hit students rethink pencil

am Amir's Tube-Pencil, a pencil that you "sharpen" by squeezing the end like a tube of toothpaste. 7 Whimsical Ways To Redesign The Pencil

Interactive Wallpaper

twelve finalists have been selected for the prix émile hermès international design award, whose projects focus on the theme of 'play' in domestic design.

Roller Pencil, Rethink Pencil

Fairy Pencil by Eitan Bercovich

Branded objetcs

I came across this great project by Andrew Miller called Brand Spirit . For 100 days Miller spray-painted a b.