Princesses RE+Belles
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« Ils se marièrent, vécurent heureux et eurent beaucoup d’enfants… » Mais çà c’était avant ! Aujourd’hui, les Princesses RE+Belles travaillent, sont devenues indépendantes ! Apéro, Boulot, pti Bobo … Des Héroïnes du quotidien !

I so love this picture, look at how happy she is--a freaking great grandma jumping rope // Black and White Photo

Wear whatever you want. Be yourself. Think. Be the boss!

A correction of the common adage to "look like a girl, think like a man/boss." This gives ANYONE the freedom to do what THEY want, throwing gender roles aside. The original post is problematic, from the word girl to man.

I love this picture,she comes across to me as strong and sure of herself!

Taino Indian Tattoos - The Timeless Style of Native American Art - Tattoo Shops Near Me Local Directory


Love this look: pink-and-white polkadot dress, grey cardigan, and a vintage Polaroid camera.

little rebel

A little girl in bathing suit with her bike and her dog arrives at the beach only to find a sign that reads "No Dogs, No Bicycles, No Swimming"

rebel disney

Punk Alice In Wonderland - I've got most of her tattoos! I always wanted to be Alice when I was little. Maybe I was just aiming for the wrong version!

Iconic photographs: Anti-Vietnam War March ‘Flower Girl’, Marc Riboud, 1967

Five Of History’s Most Iconic Photographs

Photo Marc Riboud - Jan Rose Kasmir facing the American National Guard outside the Pentagon during the 1967 anti-Vietnam march."la jeune fille à la fleur"

rebel . . . yell

I am pleased to say positive thinking isn't so rare anymore! Yeah for positivity!

Tattoo Idea!

Funny pictures about A very unique camera. Oh, and cool pics about A very unique camera. Also, A very unique camera.

Romy Schneider

Robert Lebeck, Romy Schneider, Romy Schneider, 1976 in Berlin,