Situational Awareness

Reactive Devaluation: You tend to devalue proposals because they originated with an adversary.

Developing a preparedness plan

Develop an emergency preparedness plan to fit your needs. This topic will cover Disaster Probability, Threat assessment and covering the five basic human needs

The N95 Face Mask

Particulate Respirator W/cool Flow Exhalation Valve, 10 Masks/box

Food Boredom and Survival Cooking

Australian cuisine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Home Defense Defensible Positions and Safe Rooms

Learn how to pick defensible positions inside your home and also how to turn a room into a safe room

Off-Grid Laundry

How to Increase Dryer Efficiency: One simple step to reduce the time it takes to dry your clothes - clean lint screen with hot soapy water!

BOB (Bug Out Bag) or 3 day kit list

What is a BOB for & what should be in it? It's a bug out bag

The Storage, Filtration And Purification Of Water

How do I filter, purify and store water? It's one of the basic human needs, yet much of the earth's water is contaminated;

Portable Generators

Standby Generators And Portable Generators For Dallas Homeowners Major storms in recent years have spurred.

Off Grid Fuel

If the electric grid goes down, how can you provide energy? What can you use for fuel, to cook with, provide warmth and even supply off-grid electricity?

Fire safety much like insurance is a basic preparedness item | Prepared Christian

Fire safety much like insurance is a basic preparedness item. Here are some things to consider pertaining to fire safety, both before and after its hit the fan.