Izanami | Papier peint romantique | Motifs du papier peint | 64 €


What a flutter on the wall! Beautiful birds fly across an endless expanse and make us dream of magic moments.

Méchant Design: lights project inspiration

lights project inspiration

WALL TEXTURE - What is art and what is your canvas? Paper / Skin / Street / Walls / Space / Experience www.

Peintures délicates et céramique de Niharika Hukku - Journal du Design

Peintures délicates et céramiques de Niharika Hukku

mymodernmet: “ Delicate Fish Paintings Express Artist Niharika Hukku’s Elegant Vision of the World ”

Coeur d'artichaut - Design - Sérigraphie et marquage à chaud or #Impression #Serigraphie #MarquageAChaud

Papeterie made in France

Coeur d'artichaut - Design - Sérigraphie et marquage à chaud or #Impression #Serigraphie #MarquageAChaud

Sculpture Ornementale PATRICK DAMIAENS: LA FEUILLE D'ACANTHE | MOTIFS ORNEMENTAUX | Des motifs sculpture ornementale sur bois | L'Acanthe un motif ornemental

Antique roman acanthus leaf Patrick Damiaens Ornamental Woodcarver The Acanthus Leaf Acanthus leaf carved in wood .

Des abstractions à coups de pinceaux coup pinceau abstrait 06 573x920

Des abstractions à coups de pinceaux

We have found a strange footprint on the shores of the unknown Paintings by Jack Vanzet / Title: Arthur Eddington

pineapple print

I love the quirky original illustrations of the pineapples. I like the idea of turning a group of different illustrations into a pattern, it would make a visually interesting background to add simple typography phrases to.