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a white sweater with silver sequins and a bow
LUCIEN Écru - Sac Moumoute Cuir Sewing
HOPE Blanc - Sweat Moumoute Clothes, Sweat, White, All White, Hope
TEDDY Camel - Veste Sans Manches Manche, Camel, Sleeveless Jacket
ALASKA Rose - Pull Hivernal Alaska, Rose
JESSICA Rouge - Pull Jessica, Rouge, Red
a woman is sitting on the bed smiling and looking at something in her hand while wearing a brown cardigan
SULLY Beige - Veste Fausse Fourrure Made In, Satin
SULLY Noire - Veste Fausse Fourrure Sully
TORINO Beige - Écharpe À Franges Fashion, Beige, Women