un joli bouquet

Cascade and Long Bridal Bouquets

Long Cascading Bridal Bouquet - A summery bouquet perfect for a beach wedding! I would use the stargazer lilies with blue orchids, though

La bague de princesse poupy

A Father gives his daughter this ring for her birthday (when dating is officially allowed) to wear on her left ring finger to remind her to only date boys who will treat her like a Queen--the way her Heavenly Father sees her!

pourquoi pas !

A romantic seaside wedding

for the head table.i would like our lastname carved into a moose antler for the head table with your date

enterrement de vie de jeune fille toujours

I love the fresh grass in the glass. It would make a great wedding favor for guest to take home and replant!

Un chignon tressé so chic qui vous attirera certainement bien des compliments.

Le chignon tressé, la coiffure bohème chic par excellence

la coiffure de fée

Brides: Half-Up Curly Hair with Braided Crown. This pretty half-up style is a perfect choice for a bride with long, wavy hair. A thick braid and dainty flower crown play off of the naturally curly locks, but it would also work well with straight hair.

cascade of cupcakes

fruit and fondant flowers and leaves as eclectic cupcake toppers.vary nice idea for a party!