top knot.

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{ topknot }

Thick liner and lashes, bold brow and top knot. I'm starting to grow out my eyebrows. Bushy eyebrows are in LOL

love a messy bun.

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messy hair buns I love

messy hair buns *For Mom hair! I'm SURE I will need this considering I'm pregnant now and wearing my hair in a bun a lot already!


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braided bun {tie hair into high pony, then braid, then tie off with a hair thing, then wrap braid around into a bun and secure with a few bobby pins}

Braided Bun – tie hair into high pony. tie off with a hair thing. wrap braid around into a bun. secure with a few bobby pins.


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Top Knot

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Wonder how to sty your long thick hair? Searching hairstyles for long thick hair? Here is our pick of 8 easy hairstyles for long thick hair. Check them out. and find the best celeb hairstyle for your facial feature.