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the water is crystal blue and green in this photo, it looks like there's a waterfall coming out of the ground
Natural swimming pool, Madagascar
a woman walking down a dirt road carrying a basket on her head
natural color, natural beauty by Tojo Lytah RAZAFIMAHEFA / 500px
On the way to the market, Madagascar
people are walking on the beach in front of clear blue water and green palm trees
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Sand Bank Linking the Two Little Islands of Nosy Iranja, Near Nosy Be, Madagascar
an aerial view of rice fields in the mountains
Rizières des hauts plateaux de Madagascar.
the water is crystal blue and clear with rocks on either side that are covered in sand
Rocky beach Scenic seascape overlooking the Indian Ocean at Andavadoaka, Madagascar
an island sits in the middle of a large body of water surrounded by green trees
Madagascar Antsiranana Only Place To Go Visit Lemurs And Many Old World Species Of Mammals
there is a small pool in the middle of some trees and rocks with water running down it
Natural swimming pool, Isalo national park, Madagascar
Natural swimming pool, Isalo national park, Madagascar by thor_, via Flickr
some people are standing around with oranges in front of a hut and thatched roof
Frans Lanting Studio
Market scene, Ambalamanarana, Central Madagascar
some very pretty formations in the desert
Red tsingy of Diego Suarez, Madagascar
a suspension bridge in the middle of a mountain with rocks on either side and trees growing out of it
November 12 - Back in the land of credit cards
Tsingy de Bemaraha, Madagascar
two small white animals climbing up the side of some large rock formations in an enclosure
Memorial Day 2024
Lemurs are an old group of primates which evolved in near isolation after Madagascar split away from mainland Africa
an aerial view of the mountains and valleys in peru, with green grass on each side
The Rick Huntingdon Chronicles
Volcano near Ankisabe, Madagascar My newest book "Emerald Blaze" is set in magical, mysterious Madagascar.
a group of bao trees in the middle of a dirt road with people walking on it
Baobab Alley, Morondava
Baobab Alley in Morondava, Toliara, Madagascar • photo: on Flickr