Mount a chalk-painted board to the fence so kids can unleash their creativity outdoors. | 51 Budget Backyard DIYs That Are Borderline Genius

15 Excellent DIY Backyard Decoration & Outside Redecorating Plans 11 Using bicycle for garden

The outdoor chalk board could be cool in the secret garden. Outdoor chalk board would be great for our kids, whilst covering up the old wooden fence

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37 Chicken Coop Designs and Ideas [2nd Edition]

Building a Chicken Coop - 5 gallon bucket chicken nesting box - another great repurposing idea! Building a chicken coop does not have to be tricky nor does it have to set you back a ton of scratch.

Des oeufs frais tous les matins! Quel bonheur ce serait! Vous avez la chance de vivre sur une ferme et avez des poules? Vous pensez changer le poulailler pour en construire un nouveau, ou vous voulez tout simplement en construire un pour enfin avoir

13 poulaillers incroyables! Des idées peu communes et des plans pour vous aider!

When this family spotted a coop they liked for just over they decided to make their own version at a fraction of the cost. Its hinged door folds outward, making it easy to reach in and grab eggs. Get the tutorial at Housewives of Riverton.

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Arrêtez d'acheter des avocats. Voici comment faire pousser un avocatier dans un petit pot à la maison

The avocado is one of the staples of modern healthy diets, and due to the countless health effects it offers, it is valued by the entire health-conscious community. This delicious fruit is rich in vitamins C,

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[IMG] I thought this was a really good idea and was wondering what you all thought. Any pros/cons you can think of? I think it would greatly reduce the.