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Watermelon Grill

Watermelon grill centerpiece with fruit kabobs -- fun idea for a summer party or bbq

breakfast with friends Recipe: Dandelion Greens and Pepper Omelet KINFOLK photo Ali Harper/Styling Ginny Branch

smoked salmon, salmon roe, horseradish sour cream and radishes.

Smoked Salmon Smørrebrød OMG how come I've never thought of smoked salmon and salmon roe on an open-faced sandwich?

What a light! A piece of heaven, photo as well as that waffle, yum!


Grumpy Cat Now Has Its Own Branded Coffee Drink, the Grumppuccino. Would cat toys, food, etc. have been more relevant to Grumpy Cat’s image? It will be interesting to see how consumers respond.

Sushi plate ;)

Great White Shark Sushi Plate Let this great white shark take a bite out of your sushi roll with this custom made sushi plate! The shark's mouth serves as the soy sauce holder. --I want to watch shark week and eat sushi with this


I like how the composition and quiet green gray wall color draws you into this interior still life photograph by Lerkenfeldt Photography. Multiple green tones and subtle pattern in the draped wallpaper.

Kate Powell

Good morning my sweetheart a cappuccino for you and a espresso for me! Stella why u were awake at 3 am! :( your heart is not wooden! You have a worm big heart!