negative space.

Negative space is simply the area which surrounds the main subject in your photo (the main subject is known as the "positive space"). This definition is rather abstract, so take the following examples on our board.
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an image of a yellow background with the word hi
Drawings About Talking.
Drawings About Talking. by Tang Yau Hoong, via Behance. I love this!!
an image of a dog and a rabbit with the words oregon human society
This is awesome how the images are put together to cause the full illustration. The point of the "company" gets across easily because of the animals. These animals are the ones most common at a humane society and the ones people go to those places to get. It is very eye catching to see the different animals in both negative and positive space. The small, simple lettering/font across the bottom helps to increase the knowing of the logo and to calm it down.
the legs and feet of two people in red boots with white socks on black background
Noma Bar – Cut It Out
Noma Bar - Cut It Out Posters
a black and white silhouette of a rabbit
The Ultra Linx [This cute graphic also combines two images using negative space to depict a rabbit holding a carrot. the shapes are obvious and appealing, and the logo would work on varying scales. The use of an achromatic colour scheme is effective in creating an immediately recognisable image.]
an egg shell with broken pieces on a blue background
20 Creative Negative Space Design Inspiration – Bashooka
20 Creative Negative Space Design Inspiration | Graphic & Web Design Inspiration + Resources
the silhouette of a dog is shown on a green background with white outline and long tail
London Design Festival 2011 Featuring Noma Bar’s Cut It Out
The only reason I pick this picture is because it has a cool color and it looks like a wolf or a dog, but that's the picture that I choose. Luis Rodriguez
a black and white drawing of two trees in the middle of a field with rocks
how many tigers negative space. This is awesome. Would make a great back piece or even a sleeve on a large arm.
a poster with the words she him and an apple on it's back side
Daily design inspiration for creatives | Inspiration Grid
"She & Him" by Christopher DeLorenzo
two coffee mugs sitting next to each other on a gray and black square background
New forms are born by using negative space in an unusual and creative way. Low contrast.
a pink giraffe is running through the water
25 Excellent Negative Space Artworks For Inspiration « Graphic Design Blog - An Ultimate Resource for Graphic Designers
25 Excellent Negative Space Artworks For Inspiration - Autumns Fall This picture is great. It takes a picture of a giraffe and turns it into what looks like an shattering sculpture with pieces flying everywhere. When you look at it more closely, the whole picture is just a lot of pieces with negative space to emphasize that.
an elephant with a big horn on its head is shown in black and blue colors
The Art of Negative Space, Clever Illustrations That Tell Stories
The Art of Negative Space: Part II by Tang Yau Hoong, via Behance -- immensely enjoying negative space here.
a black and white silhouette of a key with buildings on the keyset, isolated against a white background
Negative space logos | Logo Design Love
Love the use of negative space to create the skyline in the American Institute of Architects Center logo