Licorne perdue-Arrêtez la drogue !

Licorne perdue

Im just guessing this says "Lost unicorn! because unicorns really exist.<<<boi it says lost unicorn if found stop doing drugs.

Vas y, toi en premier. #LOL

for those who have stuck with harry until the very end. and then continued to wait hello! ~sassiest witch of her age~ Pottermore Member since Username:

La chose bizarre‼!

* * CAT: " Luckys I can'ts read French 'cept fer de word 'bizarre'.

image drole animaux - Recherche Google. #drole #photo //


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Make love not war. Well, don't make love, that causes kids and screams, it sucks. Make pancakes. It's good, pancakes.

After all don't make love because it makes kids and they yells and it's annoying.

Krkrkrkrkr ....

BMW is luxurious car and you can see the logo of BMW on the face of funny donkey in Afghanistan. Owner thinks that he is riding on the BMW car.