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Matisse lesson to adapt for different grade levels. Give drawing lesson on table to make more Use floral print paper for background collage. I used salt watercolor techniques to paint the fishbowl and had students collage it.

Henri Matisse at work on new projects in 1953, when he was 83.  We will be studying late works of the masters at the Homeschool Art Series on March 16, 2011.  Then we will attempt to do something familiar (painting) in a new way (on tin foil).  Call the library to register.

Matisse master with the scissors. Matisse at work (with the innocence of a child but the skill of an accomplished artist) at his paper cut outs in his studio at Nice,

A Glimmer of Light: Ocean Blue ...inspired by Matisse

Pint Size Picasso students worked on their cut paper techniques .inspired by Matisse's Ocean Blue. Kerst

Paint with pine branch "brush" then decorate. Would make cute cards too -DD