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1880 à 1910 En réaction à la révolution industrielle en Angleterre. Réhabiliter les travail des mains et des artisans : tapisserie, broderie, poterie... Symbolique de la nature, mettre en avant les matériaux, inspiration du M-A. Williamn Morris, Walter Crane.
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love the repeating floral pattern - William Morris, Wallpaper Sheet

The Revival of William Morris Decorative Arts.

The inscription on the original Woodpecker Tapestry was embroidered by May Morris (Morris’ daughter), and reads “I once a king and chief, now am the tree-barks thief, ever twixt trunk and leaf, chasing the prey” The quotation was taken from a poem by William Morris about an ancient fabled Italian king named Picas who was transformed into a woodpecker.

Ok, a tapestry, not an embroidery, but I had no where else to put it! Historic Style - Tapestries - The Woodpecker

Red House ceiling painted by William Morris & friends. via "William Morris Fan Club" blog #William_Morris #Red_House #Arts_and_Crafts

"The only house commissioned, created and lived in by William Morris, founder of the Arts & Crafts movement, Red House is a building of extraordinary architectural and social significance.

William Morris - PreRaphaelite Designer - Wallpaper - 1890


pre-raphaelisms: “ William Morris Detail of Art Needlework embroidery “Artichoke” in wool on linen. Designed by William Morris for Ada Phoebe Godman in ”

Walter Crane, Juno and her Birds, 1887 (Art/Vintage) With their sumptuous ornamental feathers, elegant silhouettes and rich iridescent colors, peacocks were the Art Nouveau birds par excellence.

The Month of June: Juno and the Peacock ~ In The Peacock's Complaint by English illustrator Walter Crane - Juno is resplendent in her carriage drawn by peacocks.

Red House, William Morris et Philip Webb, London , 1858-59 Design de la deuxième moitié du 19° siècle Art nouveau

The "Red House"- Bexleyheath, England. Designed by Phillip Webb for William Morris a beautiful, historical, grand house that I was lucky enough to visit frequently when it was a private home :)

William Morris. Honeysuckle printed textile design, 1876.

William Morris ‘Honeysuckle’ 1876 ‘Honeysuckle’ printed textile design by William Morris, produced by Morris & Co in

A Floral fantasy In An Old English Garden by Walter Crane (1899)

‘A floral fantasy in an old English garden’ set forth in verses & coloured designs by Walter Crane. Published 1899 by Harper & Brothers, London.

MORRIS, William (1834-1896). The Life and Death of Jason, A Poem. London: Kelmscott Press, 1895. Large 4° (290 x 214mm). Printed in Troy typ...

MORRIS, William (1834-1896). The Life and Death of Jason, A Poem. London: Kelmscott Press, 1895. Large 4° (290 x 214mm). Printed in Troy typ...