New York, New York | 21 Maps That Show How People Run In Different Cities

Inspired by a 2011 project that mapped popular running routes in a few European cities, Nathan Yau at FlowingData has done the same for 22 major cities, including 18 in the U.

Universo de emociones

Universo de emociones (universe of emotion) Like the idea of mixture with maps and colored overlapping circles as categories. Gorgeous layout, clear and structured visualization, amazing detail, mind-blowing information, just love it!

Annual Feltron Report - AR 2012 - Meticulously documented year in review of everything he’s done, presented in a series of rich #infographics

Nicholas Felton has just released his 2012 Feltron Annual Report and it’s better than ever.

The news is breaking.

Data artist Josh Begley has combined every New York Times front page since 1852 into a single minute-long video.

De la datavisualisation dessinée à la main - Rue89 - L'Obs

Inside 'Dear Data,' A Year-Long Experiment in Visualizing Daily Life - Creators

Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures

The Data-Viz Story Behind Joy Division’s Legendary Album Cover

Literary Constellations - C82: Works of Nicholas Rougeux

Literary Constellations: Astronomy-Inspired Visualizations of the Opening Sentences of Beloved Books

Polar Area Diagram - mortality in hospital in Crimea War

The famed nurse was also an early practitioner of marshaling statistics to advance social causes. Florence Nightingale's most famous infographic, comparing causes of mortality for British soldiers in the Crimean War.