Milfina Milk by Philip Kugler Munich, Germany

Branding, graphic design and packaging for Milfina Milk packaging design on Behance Philip Kugler Munich, Germany by curated by Packaging Diva PD. Just look what you can do with just black and white.

Nohmad Chocolates

Nohmad Chocolates

El Cantizal Extra Virgin Olive Oil packaging design art directed by Alice Pesenti -

El Cantizal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Influencia - Tendances - Le fabuleux retour du gris en marketing

Deep grey wrapping paper, black twine and a small stamped medallion make this Hudson Made Workers Soap ultra-masculine and sophisticated. Created by Hovard Design, Brooklyn.

Pu-er tea that comes in a solid cake. Developed by Menghe Zoo via UQAM curated by Packaging Diva PD. Pretty and delicate too.

Pu-er tea that comes in a solid cake. Developed by Menghe Zoo via UQAM curated by Packaging Diva PD.

<p>Russian designer Nikita was inspired by the diversity of female beauty to create some pasta packaging with women’s face and showing the contents as their hair. Nikita’s work shows not o

How Clever Packaging Turns Pasta Into Hairstyles

Russian designer Nikita Konkin has posed and interesting correlation between pasta shapes and hair styles. Whereas Angel Hair pasta might be a natural overlap

Fort Point Beer Company, Manual

Fort Point Beer Company

If you’ve ever left your heart in San Francisco, then get ready to swoon. Manual has designed Fort Point’s craft beer by including iconic San Francisco locations in the branding and packaging.

Paper Water Bottle

The Dieline Awards 2016: Paper Water Bottle

Paper Water Bottle® - the of its kind in the world - meets both consumer demand and brand owner requirements for real eco-friendly solutions. Paper Water Bottle is a pulp packaging and product company integrating best-in-class strategic assessment,

Teassert - By Lily Kao - Bamboo - Asian style - Pure - #Packaging

The Chinese Teassert packaging design was designed by Toronto design student Lily Kao. The origin of Dim Sum is linked to the tradition of Yum Cha – tea tasting. The earliest tea houses originated in Guangzhou, China.

Osiris brew craft beer

Osiris Brew Craft Beer

Savon Stories Lotion Bars, Menta

Savon Stories Lotion Bars

Traditional soap bars sometimes get the reputation of drying out your skin, but these might just be able to change your mind. Savon Stories just launched a line of luxury soaps that are made with raw ingredients and essentials oils.

Zee - Honey Goods, Gen Design Studio

Zee - Honey Goods