C'est un outil de travail.

RE PINNED - White art by Michael Kukla. Michael Kukla creates organic surfaces by drilling and grinding out cellular-like structures in marble or plywood slabs. This organically designed sculpture looks like a macro of white coral.

Formal Reception Detail, Villa la Vague - Morpheus London Interesting division with the Bertoia-esque screen

Lecture d'un message - mail Orange

We love the work of architect Filip Janssens and would love to work with him and make such lovely made-to-measure storage solutions.

Des cloisons de séparation originales

Des cloisons de séparation originales

Interesting interior metal with black framed wall. The panes and pattern resembles a geodesic dome design from Buckminster.

Pablo & Rusty’s / Giant Design /

Tendance de la Semaine - Lustres Magnifiques!