Quentin Valery

Quentin Valery

Quentin Valery
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The Hedwig Chair by David Ericsson

Furniture designer David Ericsson designed an easy chair for Gärsnäs that focuses on his appreciation of wood as a material and all it can do.

The Boomerang Collection by Cardeoli for Missana

BOOMERANG The sophisticated and architectural Boomerang Collection, inspired on the object of the same name, includes a bench and a chair, their minimal design and clean aesthetics make them suitabl


Riffing on the old-school roll-top secretary, the Deskretary by Dick Hammer saves space by folding down when in use.


Designed by the studio of Japanese, Vietnam-based architect Shunri Nishizawa, Thong house is a reinterpretation of the local architectural .


Casa Wabi is an Art Centre and residential House by Japanese Architect Tadao Ando organised along a 312 metre long concrete wall in a picturesque site on the Mexican seafront (photos by Edmund Sumner)