Ice Cream Cone Cakes by bettycrocker: So much fun to have your cake in a cone! #Ice_Cream_Cone_Cake #bettycrocker

Ice Cream Cone Cakes

I like this version of the ice cream cone cupcake. You place the cone upside down on batter in each cup. You don't have to make a special cone holder. But there is less cake in the cone.

Oeufs à la coque, mouillettes au saumon fumé (Boiled eggs, bread fingers with smoked salmon) Sans the salmon, I've eaten this since I was a kid.

Découvrez le pain brioché façon « imprimé léopard » ! Étonnant et gourmand, vous allez faire un carton pour le goûter !

If you thought watermelon bread was delicious, prepare your tastebuds for leopard milk bread! That’s right, a French baker by the name of Patricia Nascimento who lives in southern Portugal has finally shared the secret to this long-lost treat.

Easy French chocolate chip viennoises accessible to all levels. With only 4 minutes to knead the dough, breakfast is ready even before you say it!

Tartelettes à la pralinoise

Tartelettes à la pralinoise

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Citron framboises menthe

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