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grilled chicken and macaroni with text overlay that reads, most & juicy garlic parmesan chicken in the air fryer
Moist & Juicy Garlic Parmesan Chicken in the Air Fryer
Tired of dry, boring chicken? It's time to upgrade your air frying game with this mouthwatering Moist & Juicy Garlic Parmesan Chicken. Perfectly cooked in the air fryer, this dish will leave you feeling like a gourmet chef in no time. Get ready to impress your friends and family with this easy, scrumptious, and healthy meal.
a chicken is cooking on the grill with french fries
Air Fryer Rotisserie Chicken
This air fryer whole chicken tastes like a rotisserie chicken but requires only a fraction of the effort! With just 3 ingredients and an hour, you’ll have a balanced and nourishing meal on the table. It’s perfect for busy weeknight dinners and meal prep.
air fryer korean fried chicken on parchment paper
Air Fryer Korean Fried Chicken Wings Recipe
Crisp, saucy air-fryer fried chicken wings tossed in a sticky Korean-inspired glaze.
air fryer halloum fries with dipping sauce on the side and text overlay
Air Fryer Halloumi Fries with Chilli Ketchup
These easy Air Fryer Halloumi Fries are delicious to enjoy with drinks before dinner, or as an easy TV snack!
air fryer fries with ketchup on top and the words, air fryer fries
Air Fryer Parmesan Truffle Fries
Restaurant-style Truffle Fries with parsley and parmesan take just 20 minutes to make in the air fryer.
an air fryer veggie samosa is shown with a bowl of pesto
Air Fryer Samosas with Filo Pastry & Coriander Chutney
These cheats-style Air Fryer Samosas combine a gently spiced potato and pea filling with flaky filo pastry for a quick and easy party treat or accompaniment to an Indian-style meal.
a white plate topped with tofu next to a bowl of green sauce and cilantro
The Best Air Fryer Potatoes Recipe - Cubes N Juliennes
The Best Air Fried Potatoes Recipe | Air fryer Mexican potatoes are crisp and tender with bold Southwestern seasonings, like chili powder and cumin. This easy air fryer recipe takes less than 30 minutes to make, and is perfect to add a pop of delicious Tex-Mex flavor to the table! - Cubes N Juliennes
air fryer salmon bites in a skillet with rice and cilantro on the side
Air Fryer Salmon Bites
These air fryer salmon bites are marinated in a simple yet flavorful chipotle honey sauce made from only 3 ingredients. Smoky and spicy chipotle, sweet honey, and a dash of savory soy sauce come together to make juicy and flaky salmon that’s perfect every time.
two plates filled with tofu next to each other on top of a white table
Air Fryer Bombay Potatoes // Rachel Phipps
This stupidly easy recipe for Indian-style Bombay Potatoes are cooked in the air fryer to free up space in the kitchen and to produce perfectly crispy, tender, and much healthier results every time!
a white bowl filled with cooked potatoes and garnished with parsley
Air Fryer Red Potatoes (Super Crispy!) - Foolproof Living
Whip up delicious Air Fryer Red Potatoes in just 20 minutes! This easy recipe turns simple ingredients into a crispy, flavorful snack or side dish. Perfect for a quick, tasty treat.
an air fryer chicken sandwich with lettuce and pickles
Air Fryer Fried Chicken Sandwiches with Sriracha Mayo
This surprisingly healthy Air Fryer Fried Chicken Sandwiches served with kosher pickles and sriracha mayo take just 30 minutes from start to finish – perfect to enjoy as a weeknight treat!
an air fryer crispy tofu is shown with the words quick and easy
Air Fryer Crispy Tofu (Quick & Easy!)
This foolproof method for making Crispy Tofu in the air fryer is perfect for adding a last minute bit of protein to salads and noodle bowls – with or without a delicious teriyaki glaze and a sprinkling of sesame seeds!
chicken stir fry in a skillet with rice and green onions on the side, and an air fryer option for sweet and sour chicken
Healthier Sweet & Sour Chicken (Air Fryer Option!) | Rachel Phipps
Healthier, homemade Sweet and Sour Chicken – without any deep frying (and the option to use your air fryer to cut out the shallow frying, too!)
a white bowl filled with brussel sprouts on top of a table
How to Air Fry Brussels Sprouts - Cubes N Juliennes
How to Air Fry Brussels Sprouts - These air Fryer Brussel Sprouts are the perfect healthy veggie side dish! This delicious vegan and gluten free recipe is sure to be a hit at all of your dinner parties, holiday gatherings, and weeknight meals. Best of all, crisp brussels are quick and easy to prepare in only 20 minutes with a handful of pantry staples. - Cubes N Juliennes
the recipe for filo pastry samosas is shown
Shortcut Air Fryer Samosas
These Air Fryer Samosas pair a gently spiced potato and pea filling with flaky filo pastry (the perfect shortcut!) for a quick and easy party treat or accompaniment to an Indian-style meal.