Heart of Calanches de Piana, Corsica, France.

Heart of Calanches de Piana, Corsica, France! Of course this would be in France!

Scandola nature    		Scandola nature reserve, Corse. J'y suis allée!

Scandola Nature Reserve, Corse (that's Corsica, for the Anglophones)

Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, France

PortoVecchio, Corsica, France No Motorized Vehicles allowed on many of the roads.

Corsica, France. I would've never guessed this was France from this picture. We mainly see the intricate artwork and the beautiful clothing and gourmet cuisine...but this. This is a different side to France.

Sea Cave, Isle of Corsica, Italy - great another reason I wanna go to Italy

Les îles Sanguinaires et leur tour génoise de la Parata , Ajaccio, Corse, France 2010, Julien Fourniol

Known for fiery sunsets, the Sanguinaires Islands once served as watchtowers for the Gulf of Ajaccio.