Enseigner la nature - Teaching nature

Pour jardiner en ecole maternelle et primaire
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a plant is growing out of an open box
Compétence, vous avez dit compétence ? (2)
les plantes
two pictures showing different stages of growing plants in plastic bags
Growing beans in a plastic bag
Place the beans in the sandwich bag with the wet paper towel and seal the bag. The beans will sprout in 3-4 days.
some green grass in a clear container on a table
Art Projects for Kids: Grass in a CD Case
four glass jars filled with grass on top of a wooden table
Spring Grass Terrarium
culture d'herbe ou d'orge dans un bocal...facile en faire en classe
two glass jars filled with different types of colored leafy vegetables and one has a red, green, blue color in it
Kindergarten xylem water movement demonstation with napa cabbage and dyed water - 1
Pour montrer comment la sève va jusqu'au bout des feuilles
there is a small house made out of plastic bricks and grass with scissors in it
Crafts | Disney Family
Avec quelques éponges et des graines
corn on the cob with green onions and other vegetables sitting in a white bowl
Will it grow? Update Growing Indian Corn Experiment
Faire pousser du Mais non hybride
there are many small pots with grass growing out of the top, and one has a child's face on it
Springtime Science with Seeds
faire pousser du gazon dans des gobelets oui mais avec la tête des enfants c'est encore mieux
there are many small trays with plants in them on the table and an egg carton filled with lettuce
Planting seeds in eggshells
plantation dans des coquilles d'oeufs
an open book with plants growing out of it
salad – growingpeople
les graines germent partout..même entre de vieilles revues