Home sweet home

Quand la nature entre dans la maison...
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there is a fireplace with flowers painted on the wall and a chalkboard in front of it
Faux Wallpaper: Gold Paint Marker Mural
murale suptile contraste de couleur
a moss wall hanging on the side of a wooden wall next to a vase and candle
tableau de plantes et mousse
a green wall on the side of a stair case
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balcon de plantes
a bathtub with moss growing on the floor next to a toilet and shower faucet
Living Moss Carpet Adds a Touch of Green to Your Bathroom
tapis de bain en mousse naturelle
an aerial view of a bedroom with green plants on the wall and in the bed
mur en mousse végétale
the house is surrounded by trees and plants
Gallery of Chipicas Town Houses / Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos - 12
casa chipicas / alejandro sánchez garcía arquitectos
a small house made out of shipping containers in the middle of some trees and plants
Two Shipping Containers Turned into a Small House
2 containers convertis en petite maison