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Excellent realistic coloring pages for ancient Egypt, plus design a mask, design a sarcophogas. Creative beyond coloring. Love it!

Plans: Cycle 1 - Week 2

This is our week for all things Ancient Egyptian! Mary has really latched on to this time period, so I hope she's going to have a blast this...

Native American Tepee Symbols

How to Make a a Tepee Model for a School Project

Find steps on how to make a simple craft for school. Whether you're studying U.S. History or your own state's history, Native American culture is fascinating. Tepees were used by nomadic Plains Indian tribes who moved often. Make a model with materials you probably already have at home, including sticks or dowels, string and a grocery bag.

Paper dolls of ancient ancestors could get kids interested in a history lesson. They could dress up themselves, build sand pyramids and have their own parade of costumes trough the school.One Ss could be the emperor and there could be roles in the classroom. They could read books, and create their costumes through paper mashe which could be a science lesson also.

Paper Men of Ancient History

At last! The paper men of Ancient History are here! Featuring Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Vikings, Ancient China and Japan and Ancient India, these paper men will complement your Paper Dolls of A…