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Quoi de mieux que la texture pour charmer notre vue et notre toucher!
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three metal bowls sitting on top of a shelf
1906 Edwardian Home Gets Modern Kitchen & Bathroom - Design Milk
textured white tile that covers the walls
an abstract pattern made up of squares and lines
Modèle Garland de la collection Bas-Relief de Mutina. Des carreaux faits à la main, donnant un look à l'apparence pixélisé.
a white bath tub sitting in a bathroom next to a wall mounted toilet and sink
Prahran Residence by Hecker Guthrie www.heckerguthrie.com Photo: Shannon McGrath
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and black tile flooring on the wall next to it
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Collection Phenomenon de Mutina
an intricate design is shown on the surface
Patricia Urquiola tiles
Patricia Urquiola - Bas Relief
a white table sitting next to a mirror on top of a wall
Collection folded de Mutina chez Ramacieri Soligo
an assortment of different colors and shapes of wall panels in a room with tile flooring
BAS-RELIEF Collection par Mutina - Design de Patricia Urquiola - chez Ramacieri Soligo
an intricate design is shown on the surface
La collection Bas-Relief de Mutina- Patchwork Bianco- design par Patricia Urquiola - Chez Ramacieri Soligo
a white wallpaper with many different shapes and sizes, including diagonal lines on it
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Collextion TEX de Mutina Chez Ramacieri Soligo
a white table topped with two vases next to a wall covered in tile tiles
Collection Bas Relief, Code Bianco Chez Ramacieri Soligo
a white tile wall with small holes in it
Collection Bas Relief, Patchwork Bianco Chez Ramacieri Soligo
a black and white bathroom sink next to a wooden table with soap dispenser on it
Collection Bas Relief, Garland Nero Chez Ramacieri Soligo
a white bed sitting in a bedroom next to a wall
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Mutina ceramiche & design | phenomenon air and honeycomb mosaics at Ramacieri Soligo