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a wine glass filled with lots of words
The Library Bar
the words are written in different languages on a black background with a knitting needle attached to it
espectacularmente poético!
an old book with black and white writing on the cover, which reads classical infunces
30 affiches avec un travail typographique original - Inspiration graphique #12 - Blog Du WebDesign
30 affiches avec un travail typographique original - Inspiration graphique #12
J'aime cette affiche !!!! Art And Illustration, Athena Moodboard, Bike Travel, Sneakers Street, Culture Food, Spray Paint Art, Food And Travel, Art Et Illustration, Street Culture
J'aime cette affiche !!!!
a piece of paper with the words negative price written on it in black and white
imaginer des lettres blanches en volumes, et des ombres projetées noires. la mumière se déplace pour allonger les ombres... qui sont d'autres lettres. Le tout forme un mot.
the poster shows different types of people in various colors and sizes, including one man's head
Blog Archive » Pub Dockers
Selling pants visually is tricky—all the more reason this campaign is awesome! Dockers posters
six different types of font and numbers on the same page, each in different colors
Comment créer une typographie sur-mesure ? – Hellonobo
combinaison typographie
a poster hanging on the wall with an image of a man holding a trumpet in his hand
The Swing Kid: Typographic Poster
The Swing Kid: Typographic Poster by Corn Studio , via Behance
a poster for the rosewood manor concert featuring washington mille and his staples
Rosewood Manor presents Washington Mile and Chris Staples
Typographic poster design
an advertisement for sushi and sake's hand fest with hands in the air
Sushi Homework, Fusion. on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
sushi & sake fest poster
a black and white photo with some lines on it
Some people are so damn talented. I would love to download the typeface and try and create something myself from the lettering. So much detail! The line work is so impressive!
the different shapes and sizes of mountains are shown in black on a white background,
Volcano typeface
Volcano typeface by Clément Barbé, via Behance
the letters are made up of wooden blocks