"N'agis pas sous l'impulsion que ton temps est court." extrait Dialogues avec l'ange

It is ("time to live the life imagined"). One moment at a time. Everyday is a stone further away from heartache and a day closer to.


I burst into tears. I have a weakness for this expression. You never get hungry or cold. On the other hand, we burst out laughing or sobbing. There are feelings that justify shattering.

"Le plus grand échec est de ne pas avoir le courage d'oser" - Abbé Pierre #échec #courage #Abbé_Pierre http://www.des-livres-pour-changer-de-vie.fr/ ;)

Abbé Pierre: resistance fighter, fierce advocate of the homeless, overall outspoken hero anytime he saw injustice

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There are flowers everywhere for those who really want to see them. — Henri Matisse, French artist -- with flower tattoo behind ear