() recycled newspaper

“PulpLamp is a lamps’ collection made using as only material the paper paste from recycled newspapers, giving them this way a second life. They aren’t standard models, each new creation will have a new shape, color and texture

Arne Jacobsen for Louis Poulsen | AJ Wall Lamp, 1960

Louis Poulsen is an international lighting manufacturer and part of Polaris Private Equity. Louis Poulsen targets the professional and private lighting markets and produces and develops lights and solutions for indoor and outdoor applications.

Ross Lovegrove @ Euroluce

Euroluce is one of the Country's most established and respected providers of solutions for Interior design and Architectural Lighting markets

timber clock

The wooden clocks have a thin layer of veneer that enables the LED light to come through when the clock is switched on - turn the clock off and it appears as a simple block of wood.

Paddington House 04 | Nobbs Radford Architects

Paddington House 02

Spotted gum floorboards warm the clean, modern lines of the interiors.