c est souvent vrai !!! bon desfois car un gros calin ne resout pas toujours tout mais ca fait du bien de s'oublier dans les bras des gens que l'ont affectionnent ou l ont aime

I don´t need

I don't need therapy I need a hug. ) Sometimes that simple hug could make a HUGE difference. You never know what someone else is going trough. Be kind to others.

Dump A Day Fun Do It Yourself Craft Ideas - 21 Pics

Turn a paper plate into a cupcake or muffin holder. I could use this idea to hold any little gift, not just food.

corps et graphisme

GRAPHISME >>> Helmo, Montreuil

Bêtes de Mode (Fashion Animals) by Helmo (graphic design duo Thomas Coudred and Clement Vauchez) -- blue portraits + red animal portraits superimposed and displayed in the windows of the Lafayette Galleries on Hausmann Boulevard.

DIY scarf skirt

DIY wrap dress no sewing! DIY wrap dress no sewing! DIY wrap dress no sewing!