Coincidence Or Not??

Coincidence Or Not? No its not a coincidence you idiot, some loser sat down and figured that out, instead of actually doing anything productive or interesting with their valuable, short and precious lives they made a dumb post to impress people.

I had a similar incident in school. :D

Teacher got mad and confiscated my notebook. I need to know how this ends."<<<<< I wish something like this would happen to be

My school has some good humor

My school has some good humor

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If this happened at my school, my friend would freak out. She loves Legend of Zelda

100% de réussite

Cet étudiant a obtenu 0 sur cet examen, je lui aurais donné

Quand t'es précoce ! #LOL

c'est quoi le truc enefet j'ai aps compris please ;