lecture de l'heure

Tell and write time. Students will make their own small paper plate clocks. This will reinforce the counting by 5 representing the clock numbers.

SUPER Générateur de fiches de maths : lecture de l'heure, opérations...

Fantastic for keeping kids on track during the summer -- every possible combination of elementary math worksheets you might need - for free

Students make a clock with a hula hoop!  The numbers are attached to the hoop and students use their arms as the hands.  :)

Hoola Hoop clock - Students use arms as the clock hands. Would work really well as a visual aid!

Science for Kids: Make a Balance

Science for Kids: Make a Balance

escalier de conversion

Stepping Up To Measurement

Stepping Up To Measurement-this is a great reference. I would of loved to have something like this to refer to in school. Be great condensed of 4 to a sheet for study guide-include 3 other reference guides on it as well.

Simple time telling game

Link leads to a game called Stop The Clock, students drag and drop the digital time to the correct analog clock as fast as they can.

associer heure et horloge

Doodle Bugs Teaching {first grade rocks!}: Back to School Pocket Chart Activities

Quelle heure?

Telling time in French class with linguistic supports. Could use this for an info gap activity or a speaking assessment.

Rituels exercices : Mesure : les masses

Rituels exercices : Mesure :

Les pros de l'organisation à l'école partagez vos astuces #2 - Page 15 - Organiser, préparer et gérer une classe en élémentaire - Forums-enseignants-du-primaire - Page 15

Sun clock that helps with telling time. This is a cute and easy way for kids learning how to tell time, because it is right under the clock and the rays represent the 5 minute intervals and that can make it easy for kids.