taco rolls

These Taco Pizza Rolls are made with taco meat and cheese rolled up in pizza dough. Another twist on Taco Tuesday! Set up a toppings bar and let your guests get in the action and add their own topping (Low Carb Dinner Taco)

farandole de mini-quiches pour l’apéro

Simply spray the muffin pan, add in your favorite omelet mix ins and cover with scrambled eggs or egg whites. Options to try - spinach and feta - salsa and cheddar - chicken and hot sauce - tomatoes and peppers Add to oven on 350 for about 30 minutes

Nacho Pot Pie

Nacho Pot Pie

Nacho Pot Pie Recipe - Progresso® broth and beans provide a tasty addition to this nacho pot pie – a wonderful Mexican-style dinner. No rotisserie chicken? Try using our Make-Ahead Shredded Chicken Breast. Just pull from your freezer and thaw.


Parmesan potato patties

Parmesan Potato Patties - Delicious and flavorful, very crispy and made with a few simple ingredients.

Amuse Van Geitenkaas Verpakt In Serranoham recept | Smulweb.nl

Amuse Van Geitenkaas Verpakt In Serranoham recept | Smulweb.nl

Smoked Salmon Amuse-Bouche

Smoked Salmon Amuse Bouche

Smoked Salmon appetizers - nice presentation and plating. No recipe, pics for inspiration only