Jackson Pollock. ///marquer le mouvement-le geste/// dynamique///dripping///all over///vie avec sa toile

Jackson Pollock Painting in his Long Island Studio, photo by Hans Namuth

Jackson Pollock: Painter, Physicist, Pioneer

Jackson Pollock: Painter, Physicist, Pioneer

Sonia Delaunay

Sonia Delaunay,'Simultaneous' dress, next to a 'Simultaneous' car, British Vogue Cover illustrated by George Lepape, January 1925

sonia delaunay

Plate 20 from Sonia Delaunay: ses peintures, ses objets, ses tissus simultanés, ses modes; Metropolitan Museum of Art

Yves Klein. Blue Venus, 1962.

Blue Venus, (Musée d’art moderne et d’art contemporain, Nice, France)

Frank Stella

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The Encounter - Bill Viola

The Encounter - Color High-Definition video on plasma display Meeting with the artist and introducing his work The Encounter Wednesday 11 December at .

Akira Kurosawa-Dreams-Vincent Van Gogh

Akir Kurosawa's Dream-This is a wonderful Van Gogh video. Be sure to watch it until the end, it's worth it!

kittens, behold greatness: tom waits narrates a brief history of artist john baldessari and the world gets a little bit brighter. in the video, john baldessari not only shares.

akira kurosawa and philip glass - dreams - islands (1)

akira kurosawa and philip glass - dreams - islands original soundtrack

Janine Antoni - Loving Care, 1992

I whip my hair back and forth! Janine Antoni, Loving Care, performance, 1993 © Janine Antoni / Photo : Prudence Cumming Associate (painting with hair)

Bill Viola: Two women (Transfigurations), 2008

Bill Viola: Two women (Transfigurations), 2008

Mel Bochner. Language Is Not Transparent, 1970

Mel-Bochner-Language-Is-Not Transparent 1970 chalk and paint on wall x cm