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a wooden beam hanging from the ceiling in two different pictures, one is made out of wood
Suspension Y par Sverre Uhnger - Blog Esprit Design
Natural wood lamp
a wooden table with a light coming from it's end on top of it
Australia's Design Store
Rondin de bois lumineux. - Light wood log.
a wooden block with some light coming out of it
"I really just want to be warm yellow light that pours over everyone I love" - CONOR OBERST - (Fusion Lamp)
a wooden table with glass top on white background
41 photos pour vous donner l’envie d’installer une table basse insolite
Eclisse ébenisterie d'art / / Photo par Stéphane Lemire : nightstand / coffee table made from tree stump with light and glass top
a clock made out of wood and metal
Tic tac.. De l'acier et du bois !
a wooden table lamp that is turned on
Reclaimed Wood Sculpture Illuminated Art
Sculpture sur bois récupéré minimaliste Fine Art par SplitGrain, $800.00