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Florian de Looij, artiste du GIF animé
Florian de Looij aka FLRN est un designer qui manie à la perfection l'animation sous forme de .gif animés. Découvrez son portfolio, qui compte de nombreuses
Superbe travail de Gifs animés signé Markus Magnusson
Superbe travail de Gifs animés signé Markus Magnusson
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MOV Colors, typo
Aces [gif]
Dribbble - Aces [gif] by Tony Pinkevich
Superbe travail de Gifs animés signé Markus Magnusson
Superbe travail de Gifs animés signé Markus Magnusson
Wonder Loader #2
Wonder Loader #2 by Karolin Gu
Icons animation
Icons animation by Eran Mendel #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots
a white circle on a green background
Animations UI et web design 30 créations en mouvement
Animations UI
the pixate logo is shown on a black background with white and blue letters
105 Cool Animated Logos for Your Inspiration
105 Cool Animated Logos for Your Inspiration | iBrandStudio
the word pivot written in black and orange ink on a white background with paint splatters
Pivotal Logo
Pivotal logo 800x600
the word selo written in black on a white background
Sello Logo Animation
Sello Logo Animation by Latham Arnott
the word jown written in yellow ink on a dark background with orange and black letters
j'j'j'junk (gif)
Junk b Jay Quercia #lettering #animation #typography
an arabic calligraphy in neon colors on a black background
Brikk logo animation
80 s black for dribbble3
a red background with white lines in the center and arrows pointing to different directions on it
Love You Good
Gif Animation // Love You Good
the word called calc is written in white on a brown background with an abstract design
Motion design typographique du mot "café" Romain Huneau - Décembre 2015
the logo for hard lunch is shown on a black background
Hard Lunch
Hard Lunch by Aleksey - Dribbble
the word gul is made up of colorful letters
Glug Ident
Had the pleasure of animating Glug's logo...
a black background with the words, why never? in red and blue on it
Bodhi - LVE (Animation)
Bodhi - LVE (Animation)
Movie production W.I.P.
Work in Progress here! Now working on introduction video for YouTube show. The author of show has review the worst movies coming out in the Russian cinema. This shot shows an sketch from the new op...
Inspirational UI Design 16 - UltraLinx
Reddit AMA logo intro
I recently created this intro design and animation for Reddit's new AMA video series. See it in context (and watch several of the first AMAs) here:
Brendan Rogan Reel Intro
Built a reel intro for my producer friend Brendan. All type and shape layers with a good many keys.
1*DLWaaHF41cdm8A_cuAFenQ.gif (800×600)
St7 logo
amazing! love the use of circles here.
Animations UI et web design 30 créations en mouvement
@betweenstudio — Curated by Christian Calviño
Between | User experience design
36 Brilliant User Interface Animations
Sending mail
Reel intro gif
'A' Getting its Walk On
Structure Animated GIF
Structure Animated GIF
the silhouette of a man's head is shown against a black background with green lines
Logo Intro
Logo Intro by Yaroslav
tumblr_n2eccv6Dev1rgpzseo1_1280.gif 600×600 pixels
Ice Cream Truck
Ice Cream Truck by Oleksandra Podchakha
Les animations autour des logos : 25 exemples en mouvement - Blog Du WebDesign
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Interactive Motion Design by John Schlemmer
the word clusterer is lit up against a dark background
Cluster v2.0 Presentation Title [gif]
00 title gif v2 800x600
oily circle [gif]
oily circle [gif]
Tree Of Seasons GIF
Shot tree of seasons 01
TAPE liquid
Giant Ant
Jorge R Canedo Estrada - Giant Ant
Rokket - Logo Animation
Rokket - Logo Animation by Tony Pinkevich
[Full Video] Hider 2 from MacPaw
Pop Flat Button
Pop Flat Button is a small iOS button I designed in 2 different styles. It has 9 button types and it can be animated across those. Find the code in Github: @victorbaro
Just Passing Icon (by Jonathan Quintin)
Just Passing Icon | Designer: Jonathan Quintin | Animator: Seth Eckert