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DeviantArt: More Like Galaxy Ball by Marzarret


The Pokeballs came from a popular video game and anime series called Pokemon. These balls are used by all trainers to catch and store pokemons. Based on the game, there are different kinds of pokeballs, each having different appearance and abilities.


Day A Pokemon that is your favourite colour - Celeb- Favourite colour GREEN! (This Pokémon wanders across time. Grass and trees flourish in the forests in which it has appeared)


Xerneas - POKEMON X & Y © NINTENDO So, I don't knew if I must do a pokeball for the news legendaries pokemon and my visitors and watcher convince me. Pokeball of Xerneas

Théorie] Fonctionnement d'une Pokeball - Page 2

stock care of MrMonkeyHead:[link] pika here:[link] smoke care of ISOstock : [link] hope u like! The Pokeball of Ghost Pikachu


Mew and Lucario into pokeball by Jonathanjo on DeviantArt