Danse sous la pluie

alisonatalya Rain Room at LACMA: "Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.

Ma personnalité et mon style : un peu garçon manqué sur les bords, je pratique la danse depuis quelques années, du modern jazz au street dance en passant par la zumba et le ragga

Street dance-oh perfect, my friend asked me to replicate this photo, and now I know the original not just from memor

tenue de danse moderne, ballerine

La tenue de danse moderne en 58 photos

* I wish to be a point, an essential landmark, a light brightening your steps on your road to give you confidence and lead you to success.

Danseuse Bharatanatyam, Belur (Kamataka, Inde), 2009, photo: Ranga Krishna Tipirneni Ailleurs communication, www.ailleurscommunication.fr Jeux-concours, voyages, trade marketing, publicité, buzz, dotations Plus

The little girl captured in this photograph is performing Bharat Natyam, a classic Indian dance form. I LOVE India. trained in this dancing for four years.

Alors on danse ! Instragram en mouvement

Alors on danse ! Instagram bouge

Martine petit rat de l'opéra, les 5 positions……réepinglé par Maurie Daboux ♪ ♪

From the book "Martine, petit rat de l'opéra" by Marcel Marlier & Gilbert Delahaye; or, as I knew it, "Anita no ballet". I remember propping this up on a music stand and doing the positions in my bedroom.

Moi même ❤

Me doing gymnastics at the beach. It might not be the best but this big log I am on is over so it kind of scared me but anyways this is a picture of me. I love gymnastics.

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