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a large house sitting on top of a dirt field next to pine trees and a forest
si on doit aller à une pente ce n'est pas laid, faudrait plus de pierre
the instagram page for instagram com features an image of a sink and mirror
an aerial view of a living room with stairs and couches in the foreground
65 Brilliant Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas -
a large wooden table sitting in the middle of a living room next to a fire place
55+ Excellent Minimalist DIY Wooden Furniture That Will Enhanced Your Living Room
James Houston’s Timber Lake House in Sullivan, N.Y. features bespoke wooden furniture in the dining room. #Woodenfurniture #Furniture #Wood #Woodenproject
a large living room with high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows that overlook the trees
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to large windows on top of a hard wood floor
Modern Lake House: Living Room Tour - Studio McGee
Rustic modern lakehouse living room with wall of black framed windows and natural stone fireplace. TV above fireplace and lots of neutral furniture pieces with layered textures.
a row of wooden benches sitting in front of a white brick wall with lots of pillows on them : Chambre Design
As Lodro says, "Homepolish somehow took our best fantasy of what a modern meditation space could look like and transformed it into a reality. When people walk in, they already feel a sense of calm. The number 1 thing people say is that they wish they coul
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HOME - NousDecor
the inside and outside of a small cabin with wood walls, windows, and stairs
13 More Modern, Mobile & Modular Tiny House Designs
No, that’s not a quirky prop from the Harry Potter movie set. It’s an adorable custom-built house by Rustic Way, a Minnesota-based company that can produce these these structures in a variety of sizes from teeny-tiny sauna size (as pictured above) to guest houses that are 12×12 feet. The structures are made from salvaged wood and can be shipped all over the United States.
the words written in different languages on a whiteboard with red and green stripes around them
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Tremblant de la boutique ImagerieGraficoDeco sur Etsy
a kitchen with wooden floors and an island in front of the stove top oven, surrounded by bar stools
rustic modern kitchen. I love so much about this, from the exposed stone to the awesome chairs.