Mariage gay ou neige ?

L'effet boule de neige en Europe

A girl walks along a snow covered street in Knaresborough, northern England January Further light snowfalls are forecast through Monday and Tuesday, national weather service the Met Office said.

Barack, saison 2.

Show à l'américaine

President Barack Obama arrives at the ceremonial swearing-in at the U. Capitol during the Presidential Inauguration in Washington, Monday, Jan.

Brouillard matinal ou pollution infernale ?

中国日报爱新闻iNews-In pictures: Beijing pollution - Many of those who ventured out wore face masks to protect against the thick layer of smog still covering the city.

Sao Paulo se fait une couleur.

Brazilian graffiti artist Eduardo Kobra puts the final touches on his piece of art in tribute to Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, one of the century's most influential modernist architects, at the financial centre in Sao Paulo.

PSA Aulnay. Ca fout le boulon.

A Aulnay-sous-Bois, l'usine de PSA, secouée par de fortes tensions, est à l'arrêt

La photo de mariage référence. #obama

Just wanted to share these wedding photos of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama on their Wedding Day with our BrideTide re.

World Press 2012.

The prize Sports – Sports Action Single by Wei Seng Chen, Malaysia, a jockey, his feet stepped into a harness strapped to the bulls and clutching their tails, shows relief and joy at the end of a dangerous run across rice fields.

Le nouvel axe ?

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, warns the UK not to turn its back on Europe as David Cameron describes plans to increase the EU budget as ‘ludicrous’.

Cuisine ? Sculpture ?

Thierry Marx sculpteur, Merkel nourricière, homme bionique : les images du jour


Thierry Marx sculpteur, Merkel nourricière, homme bionique : les images du jour


France: Marriage Equality Rally Estimates Vary From in Paris - Marriage Equality Watch

François le Malien !

François le Malien !

Qui aura la meilleure note ?

Art schools exams in Chinese style - People's Daily Online

Mariage pour tous, la haute couture s'engage et se prépare.

Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel haute couture show sends two brides down the aisle, in support of gay marriage in France

Une petit danse Michelle ?

Show à l'américaine

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama kiss as they dance during the Commander-In-Chief inaugural ball at the Washington Convention Center during the Presidential Inauguration on Monday, Jan. 2013 in Washington.