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Welcome to this board. We promote the Roots traveler spirit, independant traveler who seek authentic experiences around the #world. This board draws a portrait…
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a knife with black and white designs on the blade, in front of a white background
My Deejo – Tatouez et personnalisez votre couteau Deejo
My Deejo knife
this is beautiful Santiago, Santiago De Compostela, Adventure Time, Photo Voyage, Shel Silverstein, Camping Fun, Adventure Awaits
this is beautiful
two people walking down a dirt road in front of snow covered mountain peaks and green grass
f o r e m m a, f o r e v e r a g o
This is feeling so goooood!
a man standing next to a large brown bear on top of a grass covered field
Amazing Animal Friendships
Amazing Animal Friends
two people sitting on top of a mountain with the sky and clouds in the background
we go sri lanka - Hiking on the Moon
Sri Lanka
a man standing on top of a mountain with his arms wide open
norway - on the road - Hiking on the Moon
Norway on the road
a poster with trees and mountains in the background
Страница по умолчанию
love the wild <3
two people with backpacks are hiking up a hill at night, one is holding the other's back
Randonnée - Trekking // New Zealand
a person laying on the back of a boat with a book and cup of coffee
Vote for your favorite 'Coffee' photo
Oh please take me there.
Are You A #Solo #Backpacker? Solo Backpacking, A New Earth, Make My Trip, Comfortable Life, Senior Trip, The Routine, Infinite Possibilities, John Muir
How To Travel The World By Hiking Or Backpacking Around The World
Are You A #Solo #Backpacker?
a woman walking down a dirt road next to a rock formation with the words once year explore the ends of the earth
Security Check Required
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